7 Causes of Hair Breakage You Need to Be Aware of ...


There are many different causes of hair breakage you need to be on the alert for. It is really important to be on guard against hair breakage. Once you start experiencing it, it is very difficult to get your hair in good condition again. It is much better to prevent than to have to try and repair. If you learn about the causes of hair breakage then you will know what to avoid.

1. Dryness

One of the main causes of hair breakage is dryness of the hair. You can have dry hair for a number of different reasons. You may have naturally dry hair or it could be that way because you are washing it too often or committing another mistake with your hair that makes it dry. Ideally, you should wash your hair no more often than every other day. If you are dealing with dry hair, try to add in a deep conditioner once every couple of weeks and see if it can offer you some assistance in that area.

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