Fab DIY Fixes for when Your Dye Job Goes Awry ...


Fab DIY Fixes for when Your Dye Job Goes Awry ...
Fab DIY Fixes for when Your Dye Job Goes Awry ...

I think we can all agree that it's pretty disappointing (and sometimes even embarrassing) when you want to achieve something amazing with your hair, and it just ends up being a huge fail. Whether you decided to go to the salon or you tried to do it yourself at home, sometimes our hair doesn't always end up the way we wanted it to do.

The good news? There's plenty of fairly easy and straight-forward fixes that you can do yourself to save your hair and give it a better look! Keep reading for our top solutions for some super common hair problems.

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For Overdone Highlights

For anyone who has ever come out of the hair salon feeling like their new highlights are a bit of a botched job, have no fear! There is still some hope left for your hair, and it all starts with this super helpful video and technique explaining what to do!


The video showcases a step-by-step process to tame those over-zealous streaks and blend them to perfection without causing further damage to your locks. Reaching for toning shampoos or color-correcting conditioners could be your first line of defense. These products subtly neutralize unwanted tones and can help soften the contrast between your highlights and natural hair color. Remember, ladies, it's all about patience and gentle care, so avoid harsh chemicals and, when in doubt, consult a professional colorist to guide your recovery journey. With the right approach, you'll regain your mane's gorgeous glow in no time.


For Yellow Hair

This video explains a well worth trying technique for how to achieve a super natural looking blonde balayage as well as how to get rid of any harsh and patchy roots you might have gotten along the way.


For Brassy Orange Hair

If you've ended up with a super orange tinge to your hair after trying to get a lighter ombre kind of effect, we have a solution for you! This video explains how you can save your hair with a quick technique!


For a Bad Balayage

A beautiful balayage might have been what you wanted, but instead you got a terribly harsh blunt-lined version, right? Even if you're disappointed with the new look, you can actually soften the look yourself, as the hair stylist in this videos advises.


For Really Dark Roots

If you're used to bleaching your hair then you'll probably be familiar with the horribly dark regrowth that creeps in after a while, creating a stark contrast against the rest of the colour. Click the video to find out how to start correcting those really dark roots!


For Colour Bleeding

Here's a quick and easy solution for anyone who's experienced colour bleeding. Basically, this is when colour seeps out of the foil and, in doing so, dyes parts of your hair that were meant to stay a different colour.


For an Unwanted Ombre

If you ended up with ombre hair by mistake and it's basically not what you wanted, follow this easy method explaining how you can darken your ombre a simple and easy solution!

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