7 Fabulous Hairstyles That Don't Require Heat ...

I’m always looking for hairstyles that don't require heat. In high school I flat ironed my hair every morning and washed in every night so my hair was fried, dry and brittle. Plus, it took a year to grow out and while I was growing it out I had to find other ways to style my hair. Here are some hairstyles that don't require heat that I used in the past.

1. Classic Ponytail

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I had to include ponytails because it is one of the most basic hairstyles that don't require heat. Ponytails are foolproof, plus you can always mix it up a little. My favourite is teasing the crown on my hair and then pulling my hair in to a high ponytail. I call this the Cheerleader look – it’s bouncy, youthful and flirty!

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