7 Hair-Care Hints for Blondes ...


While it might seem a little odd, it’s important to remember that the difference between blonde, auburn and brunette hair goes a whole lot further than simply the colour. If you have lovely, golden locks, you’ll be interested to know that they differ from darker tresses in a variety of ways and so they need plenty of specially designed care and attention. By the same token, if you’ve recently altered your darker colour with a few highlights here and there, your locks will need maintenance and protection to keep them healthy. To help you to look after your gorgeous gold hair (be it natural or your own creation) I’ve done some research and put together this list of 7 hair-care hints for blondes.

1. Natural Lightening

While chemical highlights are undoubtedly the most successful strategy by means of which to lighten your already blonde hair, too many of them can result in locks that are dull, damaged and over-processed. In order to keep yours shiny, soft and healthy, you might want to try a natural, summertime bleach like lemon juice. Simply squeeze a good dose over your hair and spend a little time (not too much though) in the sun: you’ll be surprised by how effective this is!

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