7 Hat Styles to Say "YES" to This Fall ...

Hat styles have changed during the year, every season bringing something new…or advocating the return of a well known classic. Lady-like hats, crazy hats, big hats and small hats – We’ve pretty much seen them all! But which hat style has the biggest potential of being the perfect fit for you? Don’t keep yourself guessing for too long – check out these 2012 hat trends right now! The wheel of fashion keeps turning and who knows…you may have the season’s hottest item sitting in your closet, just waiting to be presented to the world!

1. Fur Hats

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From traditional yet extremely luxurious-looking Russian hats to whacked misshapen fur creations Marc Jacobs was bold enough to present – a fur hat is a definite must this season. Opt for an all-fur version in case you’re a bit on the classy side or choose an equally attention-demanding style that features fur accents. Search through your mom and grandma’s “treasure chests” or start thrifting if you’re in the market for an affordable (or better yet –free) real fur hat or purchase a cool looking faux fur version if you want to make a statement in both terms of fashion and animal protection.

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