7 Natural Hair Rinses Get the Hair You Always Wanted ...


7 Natural Hair Rinses  Get the Hair You Always Wanted ...
7 Natural Hair Rinses  Get the Hair You Always Wanted ...

Hair Rinse is extremely helpful, especially when it's natural. If your hair is too oily, too dry, too dark, too light, too grey – you get the picture! – then, more likely than not, there's a natural hair rinse you can put together yourself to make your locks look exactly the way you want them. If you want to get the hair you've always wanted, just keep reading, because I've put together the absolute best list of natural hair rinses you could ever hope to find!

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Beer as a Shiny Hair Rinse

Beer makes a great hair rinse, as I think I've mentioned before. All you have to do is make sure you have a can or bottle of flat beer, and you only need to try this rinse one a month. When your hair is all dried out, the vitamins and sugars in the beer will give it a healthy boost. As a conditioning option, you can let the beer stay in your hair. I joke about the smell, but it actually disappears rather fast!


Sun Protection Rinse

When you go out in the sun, you need to protect your hair as well as your skin. Fortunately, it's quite easy. All you have to do is massage about three tablespoons of sesame oil into both your scalp and your hair when you're going to be spending time in the sun. You can just leave it in, and it acts as a barrier between your hair and all those harmful UV rays.


Lemon Juice Rinse

You might think that lemon juice can only be used to bring out highlights. While this hair rinse is excellent for that, it's actually beneficial in another way as well. If you juice one lemon and mix it in with a quarter cup of warm water, you can apply it to your hair for about 5 minutes, and voila! If you have problems with an oily scalp, you're well on your way to improving the problem!


Sage Hair Rinse

This rinse is also great for getting rid of oily buildup on your scalp. All you need is one cup of boiling water and a teaspoon of dry sage, which you then steep like tea. Once the mix is complete, you massage it into your hair and scalp. This rinse also stimulates the growth of healthier hair.


Birch Leaf Rinse

This hair rinse, too, is steeped like regular herbal tea. It requires a cup of boiling water and a teaspoon of dried birch leaves. It makes your hair soft, shiny, and rinse, and you can use it regularly. Some say it can even keep you from losing your hair! The only thing is, you shouldn't use this if your hair is blond or grey, because it works as a darkener as well. So if you're a brunette and want a richer color, this is also a great choice!


Linden Flower Hair Rinse

This rinse is yet another that works like tea, this time using your cup of boiling water and a teaspoon worth of linden flowers. If you spend a lot of time coloring or heat styling your hair, and it ends up looking dull, brittle, and dry, this is the perfect option for you. You can use it for six weeks at a stretch, but after that, you'll need to take a break.


Chamomile Rinse

Finally, there's the chamomile hair rinse. This mixes boiling water and a teaspoon of chamomile flowers. Easy, right? Not only will it soothe your scalp if it's very dry, it will also give your hair a gorgeous sheen. This is also a terrific option for lightening your hair!

Natural hair rinses are much cheaper than professional ones, both the ones you can buy in the store or salon or the ones you can have a stylist do. There's no need to pay tons of money for the hair rinse you need when you can put it together yourself. I always save my salon visits for the things I can't do on my own – and eyebrow waxing, but that's another story. Do you have any other naturally made hair rinse recipes you'd care to share?

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Beer and chamomile is not good for blondies!!! at least if you are going to spend time in the sun as it may leave your hair green!

which would you recommend :) for your hair?

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