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8 Incredibly Amazing Ways to Get Lovely Shiny Hair ...

By Melissa

How to Get Shiny Hair is a question that arouses most women's curiosity. Everyone wants lovely shiny hair. Shiny hair is a sign of good health and beauty, so it's no wonder so many people want to learn how to get shiny hair. The thing is, with constant exposure to products, heat, sun, and other elements, our hair takes a beating and loses it luster. Luckily there are 8 incredibly amazing ways to get lovely tresses, so if you want to know how to get shiny hair, simply read on!

1 Deep Conditioner

You can easily replenish some of the nutrients and vitamins heat products and the sun strip from your hair is weekly deep conditioner treatment. You can have your stylist do treatments for you or you can purchase treatments to do at home through you local beauty supply store. Just make sure to read the directions carefully!

2 Treat Split Ends

Split ends take away from the beauty and shine of our hair. Getting them trimmed regularly is a good step when you're learning how to get shiny hair. Also if your hair is easily prone to getting split ends, treat them daily with leave in conditioner.


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3 Hydrate

We take so much moisture out of our hair each day. So when considering how to get shiny hair, consider drinking water. Lots and lots of water! Also use a good hydrating conditioner every time you wash your hair.

4 Purify

Shiny locks require some serious purification. Some shampoos and conditioners can leave a build up on your hair instead of getting it clean. Also your regular hair products can do the same. Try using a purifying shampoo to strip away all that build up and bring back your shine. You don't want to use this type of shampoo all the the time, but once a week is good.

5 Products

There are some excellent products that help when you're learning how to get shiny hair. Shine spray and serums are applied after you have completed styling your hair. They give your hair a beautiful sheen without leaving an oily residue.

6 Cold Rinse

Consider a cold rinse when wondering how to get shiny hair. Cold water closes the cuticles on your hair shaft instead of leaving them open. You hair will be more protected from the elements and appear smoother and shinier.

7 Use Less

If you use a lot of products or several different heating tools, consider leaving out a few. The number one rule in how to get shiny hair is to stop taking away the shine. All these things damage the hair and cause it to look dull and lifeless. If you can allow your hair to air dry or skip the hot iron, then definitely do it. Consider if you really need mousse and gel to style your hair.

8 Cover up

The sun also damages hair and so does chlorine. If you are spending a day out in the sun or swimming laps, consider wearing a hat or swimming cap to protect your hair. Protection is one thing we can all to do when learning how to get shiny hair.

It's definitely not hard to figure out how to get shiny hair. You just have to be diligent and make good choices when it comes to caring for your lovely locks. Learning how to get shiny hair mainly depends on the products you use -- and the ones you don't use. I hope I have helped you figure out how to get shiny hair with my 8 incredibly amazing ways to get lovely shiny hair. Do you have any other tips on how to get shiny hair to add?

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