15 Home Hair Treatments for Split Ends That Work 100 ...


15 Home Hair Treatments for Split Ends That Work 100 ...
15 Home Hair Treatments for Split Ends That Work 100 ...

Home hair treatments for split ends can be a great help, because they don't cost you an arm and a leg. More often than not, in fact, you'll find that you have the ingredients in your pantry or cabinets right now! I'm rather vain about my hair so I always turn to home hair treatments for split ends – not only to save some cash, but also because I don't want my stylist to stand there tut-tutting over the status of my hair. No thanks! If you want to take care of your lovely locks yourself as well, just try some of these awesome home hair treatments for split ends that work 100%!

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Egg Shampoos

eyewear, clothing, hair, blond, sunglasses, One home hair treatment for split ends is a simple egg shampoo. For this treatment, all you need is an ounce of rosemary, preferably fresh, a pint of hot water, and one egg. What you want to do is steep your rosemary in the hot water for about 20 minutes, then let it cool. Once it's cooled down, beat your egg into it, then massage the mix into your hair and rinse, just as you would with a regular shampoo.


Papaya Hair Pack

black, photograph, photography, portrait photography, vision care, For this pack, obviously, you need a papaya, a very ripe one. You'll only be using half of it, so pick one that's sizable enough for your hair. For instance, if your hair is really long or really thick, you'll need a larger fruit. Once it's halved, get rid of the skin and the seeds, then blend it until it's pulpy. At that point, add in half a cup of plain yogurt and mix again. That's all you need to do! Once it's mixed, massage it into your hair, parting it carefully, and let it stay on for 30 minutes or so, then rinse it out.


Castor Oil Conditioning

clothing, wedding dress, person, bride, woman, Castor oil is extremely helpful in a number of ways, but when you use it in a home hair treatment for split ends, at least you don't have to drink the vile stuff! Rather, just mix equal amounts of castor oil, mustard oil, and olive oil – again, the amount you mix depends on the length and thickness of your hair. All you have to do is apply the mix into your hair, then wrap it up in a towel and let it set for 30 minutes. You definitely want to shampoo when you wash it out!


Cream Tonic

clothing, turquoise, photo shoot, beauty, model, You do this treatment after you've shampooed, at which point you mix a tablespoon of heavy cream into half a cup of milk. Beat it thoroughly, then massage it into your hair, especially the ends. You only need to leave it for about 15 minutes, and then rinse it out!


The Honey Trick

clothing, model, supermodel, photo shoot, dress, Honey is great as a home hair treatment for split ends, especially when you mix it with curd. All you need is a half cup of curd and a tablespoon of honey, which you mix together well. Massage it into your hair, paying particular attention to the ends, and let it remain there for 20 minutes. When you rinse, just use water. This method will give your hair a gorgeous sheen!


Beer Rinse

clothing, hair, hairstyle, blond, woman, Beer is actually really good for your hair, and this particular treatment is simplicity itself! All you need to do is massage some beer into your hair, then give it time to soak in thoroughly. After that, simply rinse! The only bad thing is the lingering scent of beer, but hey, that's what spritzes are for, right?


Beer isn't just for happy hour; it can be a real tonic for split ends. The hops and malt in beer are packed with proteins that can help repair damaged hair by nourishing and strengthening the cuticles. For an even more potent treatment, consider letting your locks marinate in the beer for a few minutes before rinsing. After shampooing, the beer scent should be less noticeable, and your hair will be left with extra shine and bounce that will make you want to flip your hair like you're in a shampoo commercial!



clothing, color, hair, blond, fashion accessory, If you eat a lot of avocado, you may have noticed that your hair and skin get extremely soft. The oil in avocado makes it an ideal hair and skin treatment – but right now, we're focusing on the former! All you have to do is mash up an avocado and, after getting your hair a bit damp, massage the fruit into your hair. Make sure you get your split ends coated. Let it set for anywhere between 15 minutes and half an hour, then rinse it out. You can add a tablespoon of olive oil for some extra sheen, if you like.


Olive Oil

hair, black, painting, hairstyle, photograph, Olive oil makes an effective home hair treatment for split ends all by itself! All you do is warm enough olive oil to cover your hair, then massage it into those pretty but dry tresses. Wrap your hair in a towel or cover it with a shower cap, and find something to do for half an hour – then shampoo!


Coconut Oil

hair, hairstyle, brown, long hair, layered hair, My favorite thing to put on my hair to get rid of those wretched split ends is coconut oil! I use an extra virgin, organic coconut oil that you can find online at a great price. All you have to do is use about 2 tablespoons and apply it on your dry hair before showering. I rub it all throughout my hair while dry, and put more on the tips, letting them soak up the amazing oils that coconut contains. These rich fats are quickly absorbed into hair, and help to repair, strengthen, moisturize, and prevent tearing. All you have to do after applying it is pin your hair up on top of your head, get in the shower, and the steam from the shower will intensify the oil's effects. Then, after you wash your body and face, take down your hair, and shampoo and condition as normal.


Chamomile Tea

clothing, hair, hairstyle, woman, portrait photography, To use this great technique, simply brew a pot of chamomile tea and then give your hair a pre-rinse with it. Chamomile has calming properties and works great on split ends to repair them, along with taming frizz, which can cause split ends. Brew as many cups as you need and rinse your hair with it before you wash it, letting it set in for a moment. Then, wash and condition as normal. You can also do this and leave it on longer if you want, such as while you paint your toenails!


Eat More Healthy Fat

hair, hairstyle, bangs, blond, layered hair, The best at home hair treatment you can give your split ends is through your fork! Pick healthy fats and include them daily in your diet. They help moisturize the hair, helping to prevent wear, tear, and split ends right where they start. I've found hemp seeds, chia seeds, avocados, almonds, and cashews to be some of the most beneficial. Try them and just see for yourself! As a bonus, you get to eat great food and you'll get great hair in the process!


Shea Butter Creme

clothing, hair, hairstyle, eyewear, eye glass accessory, One really effective store bought item I've found to help with split ends is shea butter. You can buy this inexpensive cream, also known as creme, in any drug store, dollar store, salon, or online. Shea butter is rich in healthy fats that nourish your ends. Put it on your hair after getting out of the shower, and apply it before you comb out your hair. Then, let it sit for a second while you put lotion or oil on your body. Finally, just dry your hair as normal or let it air dry. Doing this every time you wash will ensure you keep your split ends at bay, all the time!


Cocoa Butter

clothing, hair, hairstyle, singing, model, If you have dry hair that is prone to split ends, cocoa butter is an inexpensive lotion product that is great for your hair. You can buy this at any dollar store, drugstore, or online. All you have to do is apply it after washing your hair and before drying it when you get out of the shower. Comb through it and let it sit for a moment, and then dry as normal. Be sure to put some extra on the ends of your hair to give them special treatment.


Argan Oil

clothing, hair, hairstyle, bangs, black hair, When I want my split ends gone really quickly, I turn to argan oil. This stuff is a miracle product, if you ask me! Argan oil is rich in healthy oils that repair, strengthen, moisturize, and prevent splitting. It also helps to treat current split ends really effectively. I like Organix brand, and have found it to be an excellent product to help tame frizz as well.


Try Ghee

hair, hairstyle, blond, eyebrow, brown, Ghee is clarified butter, and I know it sounds a little gross to be putting butter on your hair, but ghee is rich in healthy, unrefined fats that greatly nourish your hair. You'll want to apply it directly on your ends and let it sit like a mask for a few hours. Be warned, people may mistake that you're cooking if you live with anyone, but you can assure them that it's just your beauty regimen! Ghee is also great to repair dry skin or eczema, and can even heal sunburns, by the way. You can find it online or in some supermarkets nationwide.

There are a lot of home hair treatments for split ends you can do, and they'll all keep your hair incredibly healthy. If you spend a lot of time coloring it or styling it with heat, this is a great way to make sure your hair stays in good shape, right from the comfort of your own home. Most of these home hair treatments for split ends work with any kind hair type, although if your hair is extremely thin, thick, oily, or dry, you can find something just right for that type. Tell me, do you know of any other home hair treatments for split ends that work?

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For everyone with fine hair, try using a tiny bit of castor oil on your ends before applying it to all of your hair. Test it out. Even with shampooing, castor oil can make fine hair EXTREMELY greasy. I used it in my hair once and it was greasy for several days...even after shampooing and using dry shampoo. Many forget to mention this while discussing its benefits. So use with caution :)

Tried honey and avocado. Works a ton :) And hey when u say Shea butter and coco butter lotion are u talking about the body lotion ???

ok...so looking again, its really only pictures 6 and 8. sorry to generalize!

hi! i wantet to ask if i can wash my hair with shampoo after i masage the egg shampoo? thnx for all your help couse it is very useful for me (: luv ya

wont the honey make your hair sticky and gross?

Too be honest olive oil won't help you get rid of split ends or any type of oils you just need to stay away from heat and trim those ends I tried but I still have them but oils do help my hair grow

Isn't honey also used to lighten your hair

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