Never Use These 7 Products on Thin Hair ...


Never Use These 7 Products on Thin Hair ...
Never Use These 7 Products on Thin Hair ...

Thin hair can be tricky to handle. There’re so many amazing hair products on the market. However, they’re not all for thin hair. The wrong hair products can bring out the worst in your hair. Here’re some to kick to the curb and some alternative products to try.

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Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

There are some situations when you do need moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is remarkably dry then you may need the extra moisture. Another exception would be if you have curly hair since it tends to need extra moisture. But to those of you who have the combination of thin hair that’s also fine, skip this type of shampoo and conditioner. Go for a volumizing shampoo and conditioner or another one that fits your hair needs.


Heavy Leave in Conditioner

Leave in conditioners can add weight to your hair. This works against the body you’re probably trying to achieve in your hair. Hair products either add volume or subtract it. This one definitely takes away from it. There actually are a few leave in conditioners that have a light formula you can use if you’re stuck on the idea of this product. Tresemme’s Split Remedy has worked well for my hair which is of fine texture.



Girls, I have to share a personal failure here. For months, I’ve been adding a couple drops of serum into my daily hair routine. It wasn’t doing all the things I’ve heard others rave about and it was a high quality brand. My hair lost volume and just went limp. It was a sad time in my hair life! But I stopped it and my hair literally gained life again which taught me the lesson that hair serum is not for fine or thin hair.



This tip is for the curly haired lasses. Gel isn’t the best choice for the same reason that these other products aren’t the best choice. It weighs your hair down. But you do need something to help define your curl. Try a curl cream instead and you’ll have the definition you need without losing volume. Bet you won’t miss the crunch of gel coated hair, either.


Texturizing Balm

Texturizing balms are an amazing hair product. But they can be very heavy. Their thick, waxy texture is better for coarse, heavy hair. Thin hair doesn’t need such a weighty product to be tamed. Go for a texturizing spray instead.

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Frizz Fighters

Unless you’re a girl with thin hair that’s also curly then you can bypass this one, too. Thin hair doesn’t usually have much of a frizz issue to deal with and that’s something to be thankful for. It can be difficult to stop using certain hair products because we tend to get emotionally attached to what we think they’re doing for us. But after a week or two, you’ll forget all about the unnecessary products you were using. You’ll also be saving money in the hair products department, too.


Firm Hold Hairspray

There’re times when firm hold hairspray is a good choice for thin hair. That’s usually when you’re trying to hold tight curls in place or freeze an updo for a formal event. For everyday hair, a hairspray with flexible hold is a good bet. If you’re completely hooked on your firm hold hairspray then at least change how you apply it. Hold it out at least 10-12 inches from your hair when you spray.

These’re 7 hair products you don’t need if you have thin hair and some suggestions for some that’ll work better for you. What’s your favorite hair product for thin hair? Share your secrets here!

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This is so true. I don't know what to use anymore.

Powders are good to texturizing thin hair and add volume: try big sexy hair powder

I wouldnt use these on any kinda hair!

I second that Wendy! I have curly hair, so without some sort of moisturizing conditioner and gel, what do I do?

What would you recommend?

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