30 Sensational Second Day Hair Ideas ...

By Lisa

It seems like everyone is cutting back on shampooing these days and if you are too, it's important to have some good, second day hair ideas to get you through the day. Most people think that second day hair or dirty hair is easier to work with as far as styling your hair goes, but I know for me, it doesn't always feel so clean. So, grab some dry shampoo to freshen up your roots and try one of these amazing second day hair ideas!

Table of contents:

  1. side fishtail braid
  2. double braid
  3. mermaid braid
  4. simple braid buns
  5. messy bun hair wrap
  6. crossover braid tutorial video
  7. 2nd day hair ideas
  8. second day curls on the first day
  9. messy bun
  10. low chignon
  11. textured hair
  12. 10 second top knot
  13. braided hair bun
  14. twisted updo hair
  15. the low side bun
  16. bohemian twist
  17. crown braid
  18. braided updo
  19. textured and twisted
  20. fluffy fishtail braid
  21. two minute tuck
  22. braided twisted updo
  23. topsy tail x 3
  24. twisted together
  25. fishtail bun
  26. sleek pony
  27. twisted ponytail
  28. braided crown
  29. two-minute twisted updo
  30. chubby braid wrapped messy bun

1 Side Fishtail Braid

Via Quick Ideas For Second (Or ...
Braids are a pretty safe bet for second day hair, but when it's a beautiful side fishtail braid like this one, it's a stunner!

2 Double Braid

Via Top 10 Hairstyle Tutorials For ...
No time to wash your hair? No worries!

3 Mermaid Braid

Via Dirty Hair
A gorgeous mermaid braid is the perfect style to conceal dirty hair.

4 Simple Braid Buns

Via 17 Ways To Never Have ...
Isn't this such a cute style? I would love to try this out!

5 Messy Bun Hair Wrap

Via Oh So Boho: How To ...
Two of my favorite things: a messy bun and an animal print hair wrap!

6 Crossover Braid Tutorial Video

Via Cute Second Day Hairstyles | ...
Such an elegant hairstyle.

7 2nd Day Hair Ideas

Via 7 hairstyles for dirty hair
Follow the link for 7 different ideas on making the most out of second day hair.

8 Second Day Curls on the First Day

Via The Sorority Secrets: Second Day ...
So this is more of a first day hair tip, but I bet you could make it work.

9 Messy Bun

Via Second-Day Hairstyles | How To ...
A super cute messy bun wrapped around a chic braid is my idea of sexy second day hair!

10 Low Chignon

Via Dirty Hair
Low, messy and so effortless. Love it!

11 Textured Hair

Via Hair and Make-up by Steph: ...
Now this is perfection!

12 10 Second Top Knot

Via 10 Second Top Knot Tutorial
The perfect hairstyle for those days you wake up late with no time to wash.

13 Braided Hair Bun

Via threadsandmane.com
This style is so cool! It makes a regular bun so much more interesting.

14 Twisted Updo Hair

Via hair
Works really well on curly or wavy locks or second day curls.

15 The Low Side Bun

Via 9 Pinterest-Found 'Dos for a ...
Ideal for dirty hair or even on a rainy day.

16 Bohemian Twist

Via Oh So Boho: Second Day ...
Boho glam!

17 Crown Braid

Via Cute Second-Day Hairstyles | How ...
Great way to keep your hair out of your face and out of your way.

18 Braided Updo

Via keiko lynn: Hair Tutorial: braided ...
This reminds me of an updated retro look, very pretty.

19 Textured and Twisted

Via Hairstyles, Makeup and Cosmetics Inspiration ...
Mandy Moore's easy waves and pinned back hair look so casual but polished.

20 Fluffy Fishtail Braid

Via Cute Girls Hairstyles | 5-Minute ...
A unique way to rock the fab fishtail braid.

21 Two Minute Tuck

When is the last time you did your hair in two minutes?

22 Braided Twisted Updo

Via Yet another beauty site
This style might take a little more time to do, but it's such a unique and sophisticated 'do.

23 Topsy Tail X 3

Via 3 Topsy Tails!
A very pretty alternative to the classic ponytail.

24 Twisted Together

Via 30 hairstyles in 30 days ...
I'm loving the soft waves and the twist!

25 Fishtail Bun

Via Sincerely, Kinsey: Fishtail Bun Hair ...
Is this not seriously the prettiest bun ever?

26 Sleek Pony

Via A CUP OF JO: Sleek ...
A sleek and chic ponytail is always a good idea.

27 Twisted Ponytail

Via 30 hairstyles in 30 days ...
If you're tired of the classic ponytail as shown above, try one with a twist!

28 Braided Crown

Via Dirty Hair
Perfect for rushed mornings.

29 Two-minute Twisted Updo

Via 2-Minute Easy Updo Tutorial | ...
Can you believe that you only need an elastic hairband to achieve this look?

30 Chubby Braid Wrapped Messy Bun

Via Second-Day Hairstyles | How To ...
The thick, chubby braid makes this hairdo that much better.

Now you've got 30 options for hairstyles when you wake up with no time to wash or just don't feel like washing! Don't hide your hair when you can wear so many fancy and fabulous hairstyles!

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