17 Struggles All People with Big Hair 💇 Know All Too Well 💁 ...

Big hair, don't care – right? Yeeeah, not so much. Although women with big, lush locks 👩🏽 are the envy of people with fine, lank, thin, limp, or short hair, it's no picnic all the time. It's hot, it's heavy, it's wild, and it can even give you a headache – all that weight, you know. It's horrifically hot in the summertime, it's the mortal enemy of every hair elastic ever invented, and it destroys your hat game as a matter of course. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven 😇, but if you have big, beautiful hair, I bet you know all about the struggle.

1. When Your Hair Becomes Your Beard 🎅 in Every Photo

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True facts, you can easily turn big hair into facial hair – and sometimes, it's not even on purpose.

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