7 Style Tips for Naturally Straight Hair ...


I spend a lot of time searching for tips for naturally straight hair. I love it when I donโ€™t have to do anything to it to style it, but I hate it when I really just want it to hold a curl! If you have straight hair, you know exactly what I mean, and you as well have probably spent too much time looking for tips for naturally straight hair. Look no further! I have compiled my favorite tips and tricks for dealing with straight hair!

1. Go Heat-Free

Go Heat-Free

Iโ€™m a huge advocate for going heat-free when it comes to your hair. Personally, my hair has never grown very fast. Iโ€™ve tried to abstain from heat as much as possible for the past eight months and my hair has grown substantially. Plus, I just love how healthy my hair feels. When I advise people to try going heat-free, they scoff at me. โ€œMy hair texture could never do that!โ€ If you have straight hair, though, thereโ€™s a pretty definite chance that you can. Try it out, itโ€™s one of my most important tips for naturally straight hair!

Try out a Sock Bun
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