The 7 Best Color Combos for Ombre Hair ...

Ombre hair is still huge, even though it's been popular for quite some time already. That's why you should jump on board and try the trend, even though you'll be late to the game. After all, sexy looks never go out of style. Of course, there are plenty of different ombre looks you can try, so you need to do your research. To help you out, here are a few of the best color combos for ombre hair:

1. Black to Grey

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We have this adorable ombre look thanks to the granny trend. If you're too timid to dye your whole head grey, because you're worried it'll actually make you look like a little old lady, then you can dye half of your hair grey. Meanwhile, you can keep the other half of your hair black. The colors transition into each other smoothly, which is why this look is so hot.

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