7 anti-aging Hair Tips ...

We focus a lot of our #attention on anti-aging tips for our skin but an equally important topic should be anti-aging hair tips! For many of us, our crowning glory is our hair. And while we spend our time and #money on top-notch hair tools and products, we’re probably not doing much to care for and prevent aging hair. #Time changes the color, texture and density of our hair and since we can’t avoid aging, we can use some of these sensible and simple anti-aging hair tips to keep our hair looking amazing!

1. Refresh Your Scalp

We can’t talk about anti-aging #hair tips without mentioning the importance of caring for our scalp. One of the signs of aging hair is thinning hair, but if we keep our scalps clean and well-cared for, we can #look forward to healthier and less hair loss. Give your scalp a clarifying treatment to keep pores on the scalp free and clear, and keep strands silky smooth!