Only Have Two Minutes: 7 Quick and Easy Hairstyles Every Girl Will Love ...


Overslept again?

It happens to us all the time, right?

I hate when that happens because then I have to rush through my routine or skip breakfast.

Neither is all that appealing to me.

Luckily for all of us ladies, there are lots of two-minute hairstyles that you can throw together while you wait for your oatmeal to cook.

Now you can eat your meal and look fabulous each and every day.

Oh, and enjoy those extra 20 minutes of sleep.

1. Twist Your Ponytail

Twist Your Ponytail

Anyone can wear a ponytail.

I do it all the time.

Ponytails are easy to put together and you can make a tweak to yours that will give it an entirely new life.

Once you have your ponytail in place right where you want it, make a small hole right above the ponytail holder with your fingers.

Push your entire ponytail down through the hole and you’re done.

2. Knot Set Low

Knot Set Low

The great thing about a knot is that you can make it look really fancy and sophisticated so you can wear it to a nice dinner out or you can rock it for the office.

To do the look, gather your hair at the nape of your neck and twist it into a knot.

Secure it with bobby pins or a ponytail elastic and tousle it just a bit.

3. The Front Twist

The Front Twist

This style works really well on straight, wavy or curly hair so you know it’s great in a pinch, no matter how late you overslept.3

It’s so easy.

Simply take a small hank of hair at the front of your head and twist it to the end.

Then pull the twist back above your year and secure it with a couple of bobby pins.

4. Headband Tuck

Headband Tuck

This hairstyle is wonderful because it looks like you spend all kinds of time on your look and the headband adds that little something extra that makes you stand out in a good way.

To do this style, put on a headband that circles your entire head.

Then make a low bun at the back of your head.

Take the ends and tuck them under the headband for a quick and polished look you’ll love.

Double Side Braid
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