17 Quick and Cute Hairstyles for Girls with Thick Hair πŸ’‡ ...


So, I've got thick hair.

I love it … but I also hate it.

It's hot, it's heavy, it's unwieldy, and it's stubborn.

Thick hair is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, and I'm thankful for mine.

It's just so hard to style – and it's so hard to keep it styled.

Do you have that problem?

I'm here for you, though.

Since thick hair comes in all colors, lengths, and textures, I've got scores of quick but cute hairstyles for my sisters with thick hair.

Get your bobby pins ready!

1. Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

The simplest solution?

Don't style it at all, exactly – just leave your luscious, thick hair looking tousled and elegantly unkempt.

2. Kinky and Curly

Kinky and Curly

Thick hair holds onto natural curl beautifully.

Enhance your natural coils and you'll end up with a gorgeous, lush, enviable head of hair.

3. Just a Few Curls

Just a Few Curls

Thick hair can pull the coil right out of your curls, especially if they're not natural.

Solve that problem by adding some curl to the ends.2

4. Braid It up

Braid It up

A pretty plait is the one style that can successfully tame thick hair.

Of course, two braids are better than one and three braids are better than two.

5. Vintage Waves

Vintage Waves

At the right length, thick hair holds this signature glam look quite well.

You have to work for this vintage 'do, but the results are worth the effort.

6. A Longer Bob

A Longer Bob

A bob is a lovely style for thick hair, but you may need to be careful of going too short or too long.

That's why a bob like this is perfect, especially if you add in some subtle layers.

7. A Half up, Half down Crown

A Half up, Half down Crown

A style like this takes away some of the weight, plus – again – a braid is an excellent way to hold your thick locks in place.2

A Big, Thick Braid
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