6 Reasons Why 🤔 Your Hair is Dry 💨 and Unmanageable 😖 ...


There are many reasons your hair is dry. You might not be suffering from everything on this list, but finding out what's causing your dry hair is a major step in fixing it. Dry hair doesn't look or feel healthy so it's only natural that you can't to nix the problem right now. Figuring out the reasons your hair is dry is the first step. Here are some common causes of dry hair.

1. There is No PH BALANCE

Hair needs to have a Ph Balance between 4.5 and 5.5. You will see this when the ends or scales of your hair lay flat and are not split. This eliminates frizz and "poofiness". If your hair is too acidic or to alkaline, it will cause frizz and make it harder to style. Make sure that the Ph is balanced for optimum healthy hair. If you use products on your hair, you can use Ph balance strips to see how acidic or alkaline that product is. Remember, the Ph has to be between 4.5 to 5.5. Oils do not have Ph balances, but other sprays and chemical products do. If you find out that one of the reasons your hair is dry is that you're using the wrong products, make a switch today.

Check Your Water
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