7 Revelations about What Damages Hair ...


What damages hair and how to keep it healthy? Well, aren’t these the questions that require an immediate answer! That’s why I’ve researched a bit on both harmful chemicals and everyday activities that can lead to damaged hair and decided to put together this list! Have fun reading, ladies, and I hope this post will inspire you to change a few hair-damaging habits!

1. Sodium Hydroxide

A.k.a lye a.k.a caustic soda a.k.a «something your chemistry teacher must have mentioned at least once warning you not to go near it» is actually used in hair product industry due to its ability to literally destroy hair’s texture.

Yes… you’ve guessed it!

I’m talking about a relaxer!

And although you really want to believe this chemical is not what damages hair and that’s it’s your hair’s fault for being too weak to withstand the treatment, the actual truth is that it really is THAT bad!

Abusing your hair (and your scalp) too long will literally destroy your hair causing it to grow slow, break and thin out and you can even end up having some serious burns.

2. Ammonia

This very common component of hair dyes, perms, relaxers and bleaches can also cause burns and hair fallout if left on for too long and it will most certainly degrade the quality of your hair.

It’s not a good chemical to be using in the long run either as breathing it in leads to respiratory diseases as well.

So if you don’t want damaged hair or damaged health definitely opt for products that are formulated without ammonia.

3. Chlorine

If you have your own pool, live close to the public one or simply live in the area known for its poor water quality you’ll want to know that «Chlorine» will be one of the answers you’ll get if you ever start asking questions about what damages hair.

This chemical isn’t something you need to be seriously afraid of, especially if you come in contacts with it only a few times in a year but having your hair soaked with it on daily basis is a whole different situation as it will make your scalp flaky, dry and irritated and seriously worsen the quality of your hair.

Excessive Brushing and Bad Brushes
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