16 Awesome Products to Help You Get Gorgeous Curls without Using Heat ...


16 Awesome Products to Help You Get Gorgeous Curls without Using Heat ...
16 Awesome Products to Help You Get Gorgeous Curls without Using Heat ...

Using products to get curly hair can be your ticket out of the straight hair zone or a perfect solution for your frizzy, unruly waves! But, why stop there when you can throw in a few heat-free styling tools and enjoy gorgeous heatless curls folks will envy you on?! And here are 16 of such tools and products for curly hair to help you in your efforts:

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TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier

TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier Price: $9.81 at amazon.com

Perfect for killing and preventing frizz and a must-have, best curl booster in case you prefer those precisely defined locks – if you’re looking for great products to get curly hair this is the one you should check out. I like it because it really helps wavy, hard-to-curl, hard-to-keep-a-curl hair reach its full potential without that annoying crunchiness.


TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier is a great product to help you get gorgeous curls without using heat. It helps to eliminate and prevent frizz, and is an excellent curl booster. It works especially well for hair that is wavy, hard-to-curl, and hard-to-keep-a-curl. It helps the hair reach its full potential without the crunchiness that can come with using other products. The product is lightweight and easy to use, and it will not damage your hair. It is also very affordable, costing only $9.81 on Amazon.com.

The product is suitable for all hair types, including curly, wavy, and straight. It can be used on wet or dry hair, and is ideal for creating a variety of styles. It can be used to create soft, bouncy curls or tight, defined curls. It is also great for creating a beachy, wavy look. The product is free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, so it is safe and gentle on your hair.


Schwarzkopf Osis + Twin Curl Cream

Schwarzkopf Osis + Twin Curl Cream Price: $12.99 at amazon.com

I’ve mentioned OSIS line before and I’m definitely going to do it again now although we are going to talk about a different product for curly hair this time. And, while my personal favorite, standard curl cream is meant to give wavy to moderately curly hair that perfect dose of loopy curls and bounce, Twin Curl Cream promises to help with even the frizziest, most coarse of manes! Potent gel texture of phase 1 will give your frizzy, unruly strands perfect hold and texture while a creamy, phase 2 follow up ensures your hair will stay smooth, frizz-free and soft even after it dries completely.


Schwarzkopf Osis + Twin Curl Cream is an amazing product for anyone looking to get gorgeous curls without using heat. This two-phase cream offers a potent gel that provides structure and texture to frizzy, unruly hair. The creamy second phase gives your hair the perfect finish, leaving it smooth, frizz-free, and soft.

This product is great for all hair types, from wavy to coarse and curly. It can be used on dry or damp hair and is easily applied without weighing down the hair. It also helps to protect the hair from humidity and heat damage, making it an ideal product for anyone who wants to keep their curls looking great.

The product is also affordable, costing only $12.99 at Amazon.com. It comes in a convenient squeeze tube, making it easy to apply and store. The product is also long-lasting, so a little goes a long way.


AG Hair Cosmetics Re:Coil Curl Activator

AG Hair Cosmetics Re:Coil Curl Activator Price: $26.39 at amazon.com

Next on my list of best curl boosters for wavy to barely curly hair is the famous Re: Coil, a product you must have heard of before. Praised for its unique power to turn frizzy barely there waves into ringlets to die for, Re:Coil is something you should definitely take into your consideration.


AG Hair Cosmetics Re:Coil Curl Activator is the perfect product to help you get gorgeous curls without using heat. It is formulated with AG's exclusive Curl Creating Complex, which is a blend of natural ingredients including jojoba, wheat protein and panthenol. This product helps to define and enhance curls, while controlling frizz and adding shine. It is suitable for all hair types and is free of parabens, gluten and sodium chloride. It is also vegan and cruelty-free. Re:Coil is easy to use, simply spray on damp hair and then scrunch and air dry for beautiful, natural-looking curls.


Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Defining Cream

Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Defining Cream Price: $34.50 at amazon.com

Using nothing but hair products to get curly hair is a valid option only if you have a bit of texture and curl going on in which case you should definitely give this curling cream a shot. Designed to give your waves some serious amount of lift and texture while killing frizz in the same time, Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious will really enable you to get the most out of your hair without having to reach out to curling irons or suffer that oh-so-fake-looking crunch.


This luxurious cream is beloved for its ability to enhance and define natural curls and waves, leveraging the power of powerful polymers and conditioning compounds. The sleek, salon-quality formulation cleverly supports and holds the curl pattern while hydrating each strand, ensuring your curls are soft, bouncy, and naturally beautiful all day long. It’s perfect for those with medium to coarse hair seeking to add life to limp curls, without any sticky or heavy residue. Just a small dollop of Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Defining Cream worked through damp hair can transform your look, leaving your curls frizz-free and fabulous.


Dual Prong Clips for Pin Curls

Dual Prong Clips for Pin Curls Price: $9.59 at amazon.com

Now, if you’re wondering how to get curly hair without using heat or spending cash on curl boosters that don’t do much for your hard to curl tresses, you should definitely consider these babies! They might look outdated and you might remember seeing them in your mom’s or grandma’s hair but, believe me, nothing looks sexier than pin curls!

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Conair Flexi Rods

Conair Flexi Rods Price: $7.29 at amazon.com

Tiny, medium or super voluminous – allow yourself to have perfectly defined curls you’ve always dreamed of! Now, I don’t know if you’ve tried these before but I must admit they are super easy to use, super comfy to sleep with and will always produce a perfect, long lasting curl!


Wrap Snap & Go Curlers

Wrap Snap & Go Curlers Price: $14.54 at amazon.com

I don’t usually let myself fall for TV advertisement yet I must admit this product is just as good as they claim it to be. It’s easy to use, hard to lose during sleep, super-soft and comfy and quite versatile. Go for big sexy curls, playful spirals, fun waves… your heatless curls will end up looking perfect and will be the envy of many!


Curl Formers

Curl Formers Price: $12.99 at amazon.com

Oh-la-la! Speaking about neat products for curly hair – Have you heard of curl formers? I’ve seen these babies off youtube and instantly fell in love with everything starting from that super easy application to the fact that you can really achieve amazing results even if your hair isn’t super silky and easily manageable. Definitely giving them a go as soon as my flexirod obsession wears off!


Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray Price: $22.00 at amazon.com

If you have fine, straight hair and are starting to lose hope that using products to get curly hair will ever get you anywhere you’ll love, love, love this spray! It smells awesome and will help you get that cool, beachy wave look minus the extra cost of a vacation. Use it to scrunch your hair into loose waves for a perfectly casual summer look or apply before setting rollers in for a more defined, longer lasting hairstyle.


Matrix Biolage Perm

Matrix Biolage Perm Price: $11.50 at amazon.com

Don’t shoot – I’m not going to suggest at-home tinkering of any kind despite the fact that this product is being sold as DIY perm! In fact, I strongly advise you to leave the perming business to professionals because the effect is…well…permanent! And, now that we’ve gotten hat out of the way, let me just say that using permanent, chemical-based products to get curly hair can be a lifesaver if done by the right person with the right product.


Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves

Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Price: $3.82 at amazon.com

If you’re thinking something along the lines of, “Why spend big bucks on something that may and may not work for me”, you’ll definitely appreciate this budget-friendly product right here. Apply it on your damp, frizzy barely wavy hair, scrunch and watch your unruly tresses transform into perfect, well defined waves or use a good old plopping technique to really seal that curl pattern in! I haven’t tried this product yet but my sister has and she says it’s not only the best curl booster this amount of money can buy but one of the best curl boosters she’s ever tried. And when something like this comes from a girl whose hair is not only bone straight but hard to keep a style as well, it really means we’re talking about a product with a lot of potential.


The Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves formula is infused with fruit extracts that nourish your locks while adding bounce and shine to your waves. Beauty on a budget can be a reality with this gem as it not only respects your wallet but delivers on its promise of effortlessly chic waves. Ideal for those hectic mornings where time is of the essence, this product can be your go-to for a quick and easy solution to liven up your hair. The lightweight texture won't weigh down strands or leave a sticky residue, keeping your hair feeling as fresh as it looks.


Conair Super Clips

Conair Super Clips Price: $6.29 at amazon.com

Section-style-clip! Now, I know this technically isn’t a product for curly hair, especially not on its own, but it is a useful thing to consider in case you’re constantly experimenting with different rollers or curling techniques. These babies work with both regular and hot rollers ensuring a perfect, no-slip, no-crease fit but they can be used for securing buns or knots, helping you obtain a perfect set of heatless curls!


Curly Girl: the Handbook by Lorraine Massey

Curly Girl: the Handbook by Lorraine Massey Price: $10.98 at amazon.com

"Where there's a wave, there's a curl," the author claims and judging from the reviews she definitely knows what she’s talking about. This handy hair care manual has helped many frizzy-haired girls turn their barely-there waves into amazing curls, solving their hair-related problems once and for all!


Elastic Headbands

Elastic Headbands Price: $10.83 at amazon.com

Speaking about interesting ways to use alternative products to get curly hair – have you tried curling your hair by wrapping it around a headband? It’s a must-try, my ladies and the curls are amazing! The only thing that might turn out to be a rock in your shoe is the headband itself so opt for something stretchy and simple like this, instead of going for your fancy or beaded (God forbid, that hurts like crazy) band.


Tresemme Curl Enhancing Mousse

Tresemme Curl Enhancing Mousse Price: $3.20 at amazon.com

In case you don’t mind a bit of crunch and happen to have straight hair, you’ll definitely want to give this effective yet budget-friendly mousse a shot. I often use it on my roots for XXL lift and hold, but my sister and my mom actually enjoy the crunch and are applying it all over because it really “freezes” curl pattern without altering or relaxing it and is even able to give my sister's completely straight hair a good dose of wave.


Tresemme Curl Enhancing Mousse is an amazing product that helps you achieve beautiful curls without using heat. It is a budget-friendly product that is very effective and gives you great results. The mousse is applied on the roots to give XXL lift and hold, and can even give completely straight hair a good dose of wave. It works to freeze the curl pattern without altering or relaxing it.

The product is suitable for all hair types, and it has a light and airy texture that doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy or greasy. It is also easy to apply and doesn’t require any special tools. The mousse is designed to provide long-lasting hold and definition, and it also helps to protect your hair from humidity and frizz.

Tresemme Curl Enhancing Mousse also contains natural ingredients that nourish and moisturize the hair, leaving it feeling soft and healthy. It contains coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter, which are all known to help strengthen and protect the hair. These ingredients also help to add shine and make the curls look more vibrant.


Dove Curl Defining Cream

Dove Curl Defining Cream Price: $19.44 at amazon.com

Last on my list of suggestions is for all of you straight-haired girls hoping to find budget-friendly products to get curly hair that feels natural instead of stiff! Use this defining cream with a corresponding mousse (standard packages of each cost less than $5, by the way) and you’ll really get to see how it feels to have a head full of gorgeously soft curls or waves, depending on the technique you’re planning to use. Scrunch in case you’re going for a bouncy, wavy look or section off and slip curlformers on for a perfectly curly style that lasts days instead of just hours.

Have you used any of these products to get curly hair or give your waves a boost and which curling technique or products have helped you get the best set of heatless curls ever?

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I've used the Curl Formers before, and lemme tell you, they CURL! Too much, I think. I couldn't use them one night, take them out in the morning, and then walk out the door. They made my hair waaaay to kinky and frizzy and crazy! If I brushed it out. It just turned into a red curly Afro. The only time I used them and they did what I wanted was when I was going to a an eighties themed party they worked perfect then. Eventually I sold them and have found other ways to curl my hair.

I swear by AG:recoil. I don't know what I would do without it. Makes my curlies beautiful.

I just use boots essentials curl crème it only cost a little for a massive pot and works better than any other product I tried :D

I am not a fan of B&B Surf Spray...ick! I should have known when the salespersons response was less than enthusiastic, that the product might not have been the best choice. I do realize hair types differ tremendously and it might work great for some...just didn't work good for my long, medium texture, moderate volume, hair.

Have you tried Cloud Nine the O Velcro rollers? They heat up in the Pod device and have new heat technology that is cool to touch when applying and they heat up after you put in. They work great even in fine hair for body or smaller curls. Best ever hot rollers!

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