7 Styling Tricks and Ways to Grow out Bangs ...


Ways to grow out bangs coming right up and yes, I mean β€œways” as in plural, meaning that there’s tons of stylish stuff to do with them until they reach desired length!

And since half-grown bangs are short enough to stand out yet long enough to allow effortless styling, growing out bangs can even prove to be the best thing you’ve done for your looks recently.

Fun, isn’t it?

Well, check these trendy solutions out and find some great new ways to grow out bangs!

1. Braid Them

There are tons of stress-free ways to grow out bangs using various braiding techniques to keep them out of the way!

Try a neat, tight headband braid if they are still a bit on the short side or opt for boho look braids, medieval style braids or casually chic loose ones.

All you need is to know how to do a regular and inverted braid (popularly known as French and Dutch) and you can start having fun!

Hairspray and comb your bangs to make them smoother, more manageable and achieve a better hold, and start braiding!

2. Try Pin up Styles

Victory rolls, faux Betty Paige bangs – your half-grown bangs will never be more perfect for such experiments!3

I’ve tried them with freshly cut fringe only to realize my hair is too short, then attempted doing them again after my hair has fully grown out and realized that my bang area is too long now.

Don’t make the same mistake – rock these sexy styles now, while rolling your hair into a neat-looking roll isn’t a full time job!

3. Bling Headbands

A statement, jeweled headband or two are a great way to wow!

Great way to grow out bangs too, especially if they’re really stubborn and are often refusing to cooperate!

Your gorgeous style for the day won’t require a great deal of time either, as combing your hair, placing a headband at your hairline and sliding it about half an inch to an inch back takes less than 5 minutes.

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