7 Tips for Managing Short Hair ...


Tips for managing short hair coming right up, so I hope you’re ready to experiment and try new stuff in order to score perfect-looking hair!

You see, although relatively versatile and often easier to manage than long hair, a short cut might refuse cooperation from time to time.2

Fear not, as these 7 styling tips for managing short hair are pretty much everything you’ll need to make sure your cut and the styling techniques used to manage it are absolutely flawless.

1. Make Sure It’s Dry before You Go to Bed

One of many experiments I did on my hair was, of course, a short cut.

And one of the first tips for managing short hair I had to adopt was to never go to bed before making sure it’s completely dry.

It’s a must for any hair type and any short cut.

Furthermore, if you’re sporting anything longer than a buzz cut, you will discover that any type of pillow on wet hair action is bound to flatten it and mess it up beyond the help of any styling tool known to mankind.

Same can be said for hats – if your hair is still wet, like you’re returning from the beach/pool or you’re sweating because it’s really hot outside, you’re better off without head covers or, if you really insist wearing them, either don’t take them off at all, or do it frequently so that your hair doesn’t dry in the shape of a hat.

2. Say Yes to Natural Volume

Another side effect of sleeping with wet hair is the obvious lack of volume the morning usually brings.

So, if messy, flattened, bent at odd angles tresses weren’t enough to convince you to let it dry first, the fact that you’re losing precious, luscious volume might!

You can use a volumizer, of course, but stylists actually advise against it, pointing out that too much volume can be a bad thing for short hair.

A short cut maximizes your natural volume and all you have to do to keep it beautiful is to give it some time to dry naturally before you proceed to styling short hair into a desired look.

Let It Air Dry
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