10 Tips for the Perfect Big Hair ...


Tips for big hair will help you achieve this season’s must-have hair trend.

It’s all about getting that extra volume in your hair, whether it be with a sixties-inspired beehive or with a red carpet-style blowout.

The recent runways have been awash with big-haired beauties and it’s time to make it work for the everyday.

Achieving this look, however, can be another matter altogether.

Stay on top of this trend and take a look at the following big hair tips.

1. Blow Dry Better

Blow Dry Better

One of the first and foremost tips for big hair is to learn how to blow dry better.

For the best volume boosting results, dry hair in sections, lifting them upwards and directing the hot air at your scalp.

Avoid flipping your head upside down to blow dry, as this often results in hair getting big outwards instead of upwards.

2. Roll It up

Roll It up

Add more volume to your hair by setting it with rollers before you style it.

Even if you’re not after curls or ringlets, this will help give boost and body.

Roughly dry hair and roll using medium sized curlers from the ends to the roots, then allow hair to fully dry.2

Take out the rollers, loosen out any unwanted ringlets, and get styling!3

3. Prioritise Products

Prioritise Products

When it comes to tips for big hair, choose your products wisely.2

Too often you’ll find that certain products weigh down and flatten hair.

Instead, opt for products like volumizing shampoos, conditioners and root lifters that are designed for the sole purpose of making your hair bigger and better.

Different products also target different types of hair (fine, wavy, frizzy) so also take this into account when choosing one for you.

4. Back Brush, Not Comb

Back Brush, Not Comb

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had bad experiences with backcombing hair.2

While teasing hair this way is guaranteed to build up extra height, it can also lead to nasty knots.

Go easy on your hair by teasing it with a flat back brush instead of a comb.

Spritz the Spray
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