7 Awesome Ways to Curl Your Hair ...

Achieving beautiful curly hair doesn't have to be a mundane and boring taskโ€”in fact, there are several ways to curl your hair that are anything but ordinary. With the right tools, you can create all different types of curls in no time at all. Prepare to wow all of your friends with new 'dos and ways to curl your hair!

1. Sock Bun

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Although this may seem like one of the more unconventional ways to curl your hair, the sock bun trend is really making waves (or should I say, curls?). Hair donuts, as they're also called, can be found at any hair supply store or even drugstores like CVS and Target, If you want to save some cash and make your own, cut the toe off of a sock and roll the sock into itself starting from the top all the way down, until it makes a round "donut." To create curls right before bed, put damp hair in to a ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Grab the ponytail and pull it all the way up, holding it at the ends of the hair. Place the sock bun on the ends of the ponytail and start tucking the hair in to the bun. Keep rolling the bun in an inverted motion all the way down the ponytail while tucking the hair in to it. Eventually you will reach the top of the ponytail, where you can either pin it or leave it be. I recommend skipping the pins so you can sleep in better comfort. The next morning, take out the bun and ponytail and voila! Natural curls with no heat!

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