35 Beautifully Bold Hair Colors to Consider ...

There are so many bold hair colors, and the temptation to experiment is strong. If you work in a professional setting, you may not be able to get away with something really wild. Still, a lot of people, even businesses, are getting much more accepting. Even if you can't dye your hair a vivid purple or a daring red, it's still fun to think about. For the purposes of being really crazy, I've left off the more traditional, β€œacceptable” colors, even the more outrageous shades of red. Do you think you'd choose some of these bold hair colors if you could get away with wearing them?

1. Rainbow Drama

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Via Amber's rainbow hair

Many bold hair colors incorporate all the shades of the rainbow. This is a darker, more dramatic take on the trend, with a little mermaid flair.

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