10 Best Foods for Your Hair ...

For the most luxurious and luscious locks possible you’ll need to step out of the shower and into the kitchen for a rich intake of the best foods for your hair. When lotions and potions seem to no longer work their magic on your tresses, look to your diet and not your beauty case to improve your hairs health. Nourish your locks from the inside out by eating nutrient full food that promotes strength and shine. So move that shampoo and conditioner aside, these 10 best foods for your hair pack a powerful punch.

1. Eggs

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This common breakfast food, although high in cholesterol works wonders for your mane with a special vitamin called biotin. This B vitamin helps to encourage hair growth and renew hair follicles to create thicker, fuller locks. A lack of biotin in your diet can create dry, brittle hair so if your hair is easily breakable maybe it’s time to start evaluating what you eat. Eggs also help to stimulate and contribute to your scalp’s overall health, which can help hair grow faster and longer, making eggs one of the best foods for your hair.

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