7 Blonde Hair Myths ...


Blonde hair myths, like most other myths, aren’t really true but are fun to read. And since blondes happen to play a lead role in most stereotypes and misconceptions, you can only imagine how hilarious the fusion of all of these can be! But wait, why imagine when you can have it in black and white? Check out these blonde hair myths and tell me what you think about them.

1. Blondes Are Stupid

From Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton – blondes are somehow always considered to be double sexy and zero brains! But is it really true? Of course not, scientists say, confirming that this most popular of all blonde hair myths is completely false, at least when it comes to natural blondes! They have, however, discovered that peroxide is not the best thing to be feeding your brain with, justifying these claims with a series of tests conducted on dyed and natural blondes which proved the latter category uses gray matter slightly better. My opinion? They must have chosen wrong test subjects! I’m off peroxide since early 2009 and, honestly, this hasn’t made me any smarter! For all I know it may be the other way around.

Blondes Are Sexier
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