11 Fabulous and Easy Hairstyles That Don't Require Any Heat ...

The easy hairstyles and tips I’m going to talk about today will enable you to have gorgeous hair every day without the help of a hairdryer, curling iron or flat iron! So why don’t you give your hair a break and try some of these super easy hairstyles right now? These heatless hairstyles will save your hair and keep it from breaking so much -- and they look great! Here are a few heatless, sexy, effortless hairstyles to help you get started.

1. Frizzy Crimped Style

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Ditch the crimping iron because the first on my list of easy hairstyles is one very popular, totally hot style you can literally achieve overnight! So wash your hair an hour before you’re planning to go to bed, give it about 30 minutes to dry naturally, then braid it into a lot of thin, tight braids. Leave the braids overnight, undo them in the morning, style your hair and voila! This is a great trick if you have oily, curly or straight hair!

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