13 Fabulous Tips for How to Treat Oily Hair ...


Oily hair is no fun, but I have 8 tips for you on how to treat oily hair that will make it seem like a breeze. Treating oily hair is simply a matter of learning what types of ingredients are best for your hair, and which ones to avoid. A proper pH balance of the scalp is needed to achieve hair that is not oily, and also needed for those who have dry hair issues. To find a happy medium, check out these great tips for how to treat oily hair. Most of them you can even find in your home now!

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the best options for how to treat oily hair. You may be wondering how. Well, for starters, lemons have an acidic pH outside the body, which makes them great for oily hair. Once they enter your system through eating lemon juice or lemons, they alkalize the blood, but their acidic properties for your outside skin can help issues such as oily hair and even acne. Make an astringent rinse for your hair and your face by using lemon juice. Take the juice from 3 lemons and mix with a quart of water. Shampoo as normal and use as a rinse. It would be best to avoid oily conditioners and use ones specifically for oil hair.

Shampoo the Right Way
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