7 Great but Effortless Remedies for Dry Hair ...


7 Great but Effortless Remedies for Dry Hair ...
7 Great but Effortless Remedies for Dry Hair ...

Need some simple yet effective Remedies for Dry Hair? Did you know that just about everything we do to our hair drys it out? If you color, straighten, curl or blow dry your hair you are causing damage to it and although your hair might seem like it needs no remedies for dry hair at the moment, your styling routine might soon show its dark side. And, when heat and chemicals take their toll on your hair causing it to be dry and damaged you will need these 7 great but effortless remedies for dry hair.

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The elements are just as damaging to your hair as heat and chemicals and that's why the first remedy for dry hair would be to protect it from the damage caused by the things you can't change such as sun, rain, wind or polluted air .Wear hats when outside to shield your hair from the sun, wind and minimize damage of other elements such as rain (which is, as we know, everything but clean these days) and salty or polluted air. If your hair seems to dry out as the seasons change increase conditioning at that time.


Avoid over-Washing

Your stylist has probably told you that over-washing is one of the main causes of dry hair. In fact, one of the best remedies for dry hair is to completely avoid frequent washing. Stylists agree that washing isn’t needed everyday as it strips your hair of those natural oils it needs to stay luscious, shiny and healthy. Give it a try, wash your hair every other day instead of everyday and it will soon get used to your new habits.


What about Your Shampoo?

Your shampoo may be the culprit of your dry hair. Many of the ingredients in shampoos will dry our your hair and leave it dull so, instead of spending big money on salon quality shampoos read this remedy for dry hair and look for shampoos that are pH balanced and sulfate free. This is a reasonably obvious point, I agree, but an important one to mention nevertheless.


How’s Your Water?

The water in your shower is a likely reason behind your dry hair as well. Our tap water can be heavily altered with chemicals which are added to kill bacteria and make it safe for drinking. To avoid this, one remedy for dry hair suggests changing your regular shower-head with a special one that has a built in charcoal filter.


Diet Changes

Dry hair may be a sign that something important is missing from your diet. Try adding more omega-3 fatty acids to your meals. Opt for vitamin supplements to provide you with your much needed nutrients on the go and make a note to yourself to eat more nuts, fish, and eggs. This healthy fat will help nourish your hair making it softer, stronger and more elastic.


Condition Condition Condition

One of the most obvious remedies for dry hair is conditioning, of course,. Besides regular conditioning after you shampoo, it is also important to add regular deep conditioning to your hair care routine. You can find deep conditioning treatments at your local beauty supply store and they will help replenish all the oils your hair needs.


Change Your Styling

Our daily styling causes the most damages to our hair - I'm sure we are all well aware of that! With that been said, it goes without saying that one remedy for dry hair would be to change the way you style. Allow your hair to dry naturally every once in a while, try to use less styling products and focus on hairstyles that will allow your to look gorgeous without volumizers, hairsprays, hot rollers or curling irons.

Do you have any remedies for dry hair? And is there anything that I forgot on my list of 7 great but effortless remedies for dry hair? Please, do share.

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I never wear my hair down, I wash it twice a week, my water is absolutely fine, I get more than enough omega-3, I condition and deep condition, and I never use heat. Sulfate free shampoos make my hair feel stiff and rubbery (even when dry) so that's a lose lose situation. What should I do I really need help.

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