7 Hair Care Tips for Men ...


Hair Care Tips for Men Iโ€™m about to discuss here will help you understand that your hair really does matter and that treating it right might save you a lot of both styling and hair-loss problems most men face sooner or later. Now, I know reading about hair care tips for men on a predominantly female blog might seem strange, but hey - we girls know a lot about hair care and have a firsthand experience in how little time and effort some men put in their hair care routines! And, with that said, itโ€™s time to give you some really great hair care tips for men:

1. Ditch 2 in 1 Products

The first on my list of hair care tips for men should be viewed as an order. Not a tip, not an advice but a direct order that, as rude as it may sound, will save you a lot of hair-related trouble. Invest in a shampoo and a conditioner, each in its separate bottle, and try to avoid washing your hair with soap, shower gel or any other cleansing product. You may think male hair needs less care just because itโ€™s shorter, but, believe me, failing to clean and condition it properly can lead to many problems such as dandruff, inflamed scalp, brittle hair and even hair loss. Now, we donโ€™t want that โ€“ do we?

Donโ€™t Be Shy to Experiment
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