8 Helpful Hints on Hair Tools and How to Use Them ...

Check out these hair tool tips to learn how to choose and use the many hair styling aids out there! I love browsing the hair care aisle at the drugstore but I get dizzy just thinking about all the choices we have in hairbrushes and combs. If you’re like me and want to know which tool works best for your hair type or desired hairstyle, keep reading below to get all the details on the right hair tool tips!

1. Paddle Brush

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Let’s start off this list of hair tool tips with one of the most popular types of hairbrushes out there, the paddle brush! This brush is wide and flat with the bristles in a soft cushion and can be used for a variety of hair types from short to long and thin to thick, but typically for straight hair. The cushion on the paddle brush helps contour to the shape of your head, stimulate your scalp and evenly distribute the natural oils from your scalp.

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