How to Make the Most of Fine Hair ...

If you have fine hair you have to deal with all sorts of issues: lack of volume; flyaways; static; curls that won't hold; having to wash every day because grease really shows; insubstantial ponytails; accessories that won't stay in ... I guess you know all this! But there are things you can do to tackle all these and have great fine hair.

1. Short Cut

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This tip pretty much just abides by the universal laws of physics. If you have increasingly fine and thin hair, then you are going to get the most volume and depth out of it if you rock a shorter, more compact hair cut. The less surface area your hair has to cover, the stronger and fuller it is going to look. Any fine hair that has to go further than shoulder length is going to look really weak because it doesn’t have the volume to cover that much area effectively.

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