How to Take Care of Your Bright Hair Color ...

Getting your hair colored is really fun and makes it easy to get just the look you want. However, colored hair requires extra care to keep it from looking less than natural. If you have a bright color, you want to take some extra steps to ensure that you retain the color you love in between touch ups. So I went to the experts and gathered their best tips together in one place so you can always have a great hair day.

1. Take Great Care of Your Hair before and after the Dye Job

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The best way to keep your hair color looking fab is to take really good care of your hair all the time. That includes before you get it colored. If the dye job is already in place, make sure you use a hair mask and repair products on a regular basis to ensure that you keep each strand hydrated and healthy. By doing this, you can ensure great hair color all the time.

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