It's Time to Splurge on These 7 Types of Hot Hair Products ...


Everybody likes a bargain, but when it comes to your hair bargains can be a false economy. If you want your hair to be your crowning glory then you need to give it the best you can afford. Cheap products are often less effective and won't leave your hair looking good. You don't have to spend a fortune on everything, but you should splurge on the following items …

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A home kit may be the best for your budget, but if you want your color to look truly fantastic you should go to a salon and a good colorist. Coloring your hair at home will never look as good as a professional color, so if you want your hair to look natural then head to the salon. A professional color will also leave your hair in better condition.


Straighteners or a Curling Wand

Women are strange, aren't we - we always want different hair from what we were blessed with! If you want to buy straighteners or a curling wand, never buy the cheapest. An expensive pair will last longer, and treat your hair much better. Remember that you're applying heat to your fragile hair! Ceramic straighteners leave your hair looking smoother and are less harmful.



A cheap travel hairdryer is fine for that purpose, but such small dryers aren't powerful enough to be much good otherwise. Spend on a better, more expensive dryer and you'll find it much faster and more efficient. They're designed to work very quickly and to leave your hair smooth and shiny.



I bought a cheap hairbrush, and what a false economy that was! It was too harsh on my hair, and meant I ended up with lots of broken strands sticking out. Not a good look, and I learned my lesson. So splash out on a good brush; look for one made of natural bristle (plastic bristles can break your hair, as I found out).


Hair Mask

If you've never used a hair mask, you should - it's a deeper conditioning treatment than a regular conditioner. Try it once a week. And it's worth splashing out on a pricier product; a good brand will make your hair feel stronger and look fantastic. You won't use much, so it will last a long time.


Heat Protection

Would you go out in the sun without using sun cream? If you use straighteners, curling tongs, or a hairdryer regularly, then you also need to protect your hair from damage. Using heated products can leave your hair dry and fragile, so a good protective spray will do wonders to keep your hair from harm.


Shampoo & Conditioner

If you're lucky enough, you can get away with using any cheap drugstore shampoo. But for some people, spending more on your shampoo and conditioner really pays off. This is even more important if your hair is relaxed, colored or in poor condition; a cheap shampoo will contain harsh ingredients that won't improve the condition.

If our hair looks good, we feel good, so buying the right products is an investment in our appearance and well-being. There are cheap alternatives that may work for conditioning your hair, such as coconut or argan oils. But generally it's worth spending as much as you can afford on maintaining your hair if you want it to look great!

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You're actually saying we should spend more money on more expensive hair products. Very good tip

Hot tools and brushes, look at the material not the price. Some 200$ curling iron could be made of metal and have lots of damaging material on it. Same with brushes. Look at the material not the price.

It depends. Check ingredients. Don't just go by price. You can pay 70$ for a shampoo and it probably contains worse ingredients than drugstore ones. Same with any product. If you look up blind hair mask tests, often times the drugstore brand performs just as or better than high end. Same with heat protestants. Color wise, always go to a professional you trust. Not necessarily expensive. I get my hair done for 8$. But my stylist is well trained and confident in her work.

You get (for the most time) what you pay for. Hot tool curling irons are excellent for long lasting curls. GHD styling irons are great straighteners, or, you could use them to flip& curl also. And a good blow dryer will have ceramic & tourmaline in it to keep your hair from being unhealthy! These 3 are favorites of hair stylists.

You get what you pay for I understand somethings like a good hair brush but I color my own hair I don't use drug store brands. I buy from a beauty supply store and I got good tips from my stylist that is a specialist in color it saves me about 75 bucks. Shampoo and conditioner I also buy at beauty supply it's not much higher and I can get what's right for my hair . I do hair mask I make my hair is dry so I use honey olive oil and a little apple cider vinegar . Once a month twice during real hot and cold times. I rarely dry my hair when I do I don't dry it throughly just leave damp.

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