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What girl doesn’t want luscious locks that shine with health and vitality? There are plenty of tips and advices for all types of hair, but I’ve going to share with you the secrets for gorgeous hair whatever your type.

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Add Fish and Nuts to Your Diet

Loading up on nuts and salmon will provide your body with omega-3 fatty acids and protein that promote healthier hair. Your tresses will also thank you for adding more carrots, beans, and leafy vegetables to your diet. Be sure to avoid fad diets that starve your body of essential nutrients and leave you with dry, brittle hair.


Use Protein to Repair Split Ends

Split ends are the outcome of using too much of bleach, color, or hot tools on your hair that damage hair's protective outer layer. Shampoos with protein work great to reduce the effect of split ends. Trimming your hair at least every six weeks will also help eliminate split ends.


Avoid Brushing Too Often

Cut your brushing routine to limit hair loss. Stop listening to people who say 100 brush strokes a day will make your hair healthy. Too much brushing leads to hair loss. If you're noticing excessive hair loss with every brushing session, stop. Also, use a brush with natural bristles because synthetic materials generate static electricity that can damage your hair. Remove tangles first to avoid pulling and breaking your hair.


Use a Leave-in Conditione

The combination of your styling technique and your genes determines the fullness of your hair. Blondes have thin hair, whereas natural redheads have thicker hair. Still, you can get bouncy hair by using a leave-in conditioner. Be sure to dry your root area first and remember to flip your hair upside down while drying.


Avoid Powerful Blow Dryers

You may think using a powerful blower dryer will help complete your styling routine more quickly and is therefore better, but that's not the case. Reports show they all take about the same amount of time to dry your hair completely. High-powered blow dryers may just harm your hair, and they can be much noisier too.


Use Products with Silicone

Ingredients such as cyclomethicone or dimethicone contain silicone and are extremely beneficial for thin, lifeless hair. You may think you can fix the issue using heavy conditioners but they are only going to leave your hair limp. Silicone on the other hand creates fuller hair and stays intact even after you rinse.


Use Lukewarm Water

Using lukewarm water is the best way to remove all traces of styling products and conditioners. Hot water is damaging because it removes the protective oils from your hair, leaving it dull and rough. Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda and apply it to your hair. Rinse it with lukewarm water after some time to get shinier hair.


Don't Brush Your Curly Hair

One of the secrets to healthy hair is to avoid brushing your curly hair. Excessive brushing is bad for all hair types, but curly hair will break easily and become brittle over time. Use a pick to make your curls look better. Also, limit the use of relaxers and flatirons, and use conditioners with polymers to make your curly hair more manageable.


Don't Spend Too Much on Branded Products

While brands make you believe you're paying the extra money to get some outstanding hair products, consumer reports show that expensive products are no better than cheaper ones. Be sensible when buying a new product for your hair. Buy a product because it's designed for your hair type, not because it's expensive and claims to work wonders for all hair types.


Avoid Frizz in Winters

One of the secrets to gorgeous hair is to take steps to calm frizz in winter, not just the summer. Environmental factors may be different in the seasons but they still do a number of your hair. Most women don't realize that static electricity is high in winter when the air is dry. Make use of shampoos with high pH-balance and apply conditioner to your hair to prevent frizz.

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oiling is also essential to have healthy hair

Vinegar and baking soda are bad for your hair.

When you do clarify your hair use a very hydrating conditioner to put back some of the essential oils you have stripped. It's like a double edged sword

Split ends cannot be repaired by anything. They need to be cut off. If you don't cut them off they will continue to split up the hair, requiring a bigger amount to be cut off during your next trip. Nothing can repair them. Protein can actually cause them to break off completely as most ends are moisturized often and have enough protein. Using protein is great but be careful. Hair is made up of a mixture of protein and moisture. Too much moisture vs protein will cause hair to be dry, dull, and be prone to breakage. Too much protein vs moisture will cause hair to be dry, dull, and be prone to breakage. You need to find a balance. Using a mask once a week with moisture and once a month with protein is usually a good ratio. Also split ends will happen due to life. Even if you don't color your hair, don't brush or wash your hair, and don't use heat you will have split ends from the environment, it getting caught under a strap, pushing it out of your face etc etc.

Good post.

Omg yes

As a hairdresser silicon is a barrier to any lightening product which creates more damage to the hair as the silicon causes a build up. Also curly or wavy hair is best to comb as is any hair when wet as it causes breakage due to the hair being it’s weakest when wet.

I have a wavy hair and I only combed when is wet . I also use castor oil once a week on my scalp and hair for half hour then rinse, my hair feel so silky and smooth and shiny.

I already did all of these. Except your suppose to wash your hair with cold water, not lukewarm

Yes, clarify once every week or 2. To remove build up of products& your shampoo, conditioner, & styling products will work a lot better! Don't overdue protein products! Too much protein can make your hair get too hard and brittle. Try alternating a moisturizing shampoo with a good protein shampoo to balance out the ph in your hair.

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