7 Reasons for an Itchy Scalp to Consider ...


Dry scalp is something many of us deal with time to time, but to effectively fight it, you need to consider some of the reasons for an itchy scalp occur in the first place. You can buy some effective dry scalp shampoos and conditioners, but it’s best to know the primary reasons for an itchy scalp first. The better your awareness of what causes it, the better you can be at preventing it from happening in the first place, or at least be able to treat it effectively. After all, flaking and itching sure doesn’t make most of us girls feel pretty, right?

1. Thick Hair

I have news for you gals, one of the most common and simple reasons for an itchy scalp is due to the simple reason you have incredibly thick hair. I have suffered dry scalp off and on my whole life, and one reason is that my hair is abundantly thick and often hard to manage. I found out through several hair stylists that people with very thick hair often suffer dry scalp because their scalp literally can’t breathe that well. When the scalp can’t breathe and isn’t exposed to enough air, it can cause skin residue build-up, a dry scalp and dandruff. A simple anti-dandruff shampoo is the best way to combat this issue.

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