7 Splendid Tips for Brushing Your Hair ...


Have you ever heard any really great tips for brushing your hair? Yeah, that probably sounds a little strange. I mean, everyone knows how to brush their hair, right? Wrong. It seems that technique we developed at about age three, when we wanted to do it "by myself", isn’t the best. I’ve been quizzing London’s best and brightest hairdressers, and here are the tips for brushing your hair that they wish everyone knew.

1. Don’t Brush from Root to Tip

It’s actually really bad for your hair. Starting at the roots and pulling down is damaging to hair, stretching it and pulling it out of the follicle. So what should you be doing instead? Don’t worry, backcombing isn’t about to get a revival. Simply start two inches from the tips of your hair, and work out tangles. Then start three inches above, and four, until you can brush down all the hair with no knots (and no damage). It seems more complicated when you first try it, but it’s one of the best tips for brushing your hair that you’ll ever hear.

Keep It Dry!
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