7 Streetstyle Hairstyles That'll Keep You Looking Fab ...

There are so many different street style hairstyles that you should try out this spring/summer! Let's be real, hairstyles really have the potential to make or break an outfit. For example, I could be wearing an incredibly cute ensemble but if my hair isn't cooperating with me, then I might not be feeling my outfit anymore. Does that happen to you too? Check out some cool street style hairstyles that'll keep you looking fab and don't even require that much work!

1. Messy Pony-tail

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The messy pony-tail can make any look seem effortlessly cool. I especially love the braided crown on top. It's a fantastic accent to the pony-tail and even become a focal point of the entire outfit. The big glasses and red lip make this look a bit "hipster-chic."The messy pony-tail is definitely one of my go-to street style hairstyles.

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