Life-Saving Style Hacks for Girls Who Hate Their New Haircut💇👎 ...

What are you supposed to do when you hate your haircut? You can wait, of course, because time is the best friend of broken hearts and bad haircuts, but you still want to feel good about yourself in the interim. You can return to the salon or go to a new one to fix your mistake, but if you feel like your bad cut made your hair too short, you may not want to go that route – in fact, the sight of scissors might make you cry! Bad cuts are a fact of life, no matter how many times you tell yourself to be clear about what you want and never go to a stylist you don't trust. Fortunately there are several style hacks that will help when you hate your haircut, and they don't involve waiting around or going back for seconds.

1. Make Use of Hair Accessories

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Hair accessories are lifesavers when you hate your haircut. You're sure to find some kind of accessory that will give you a look you love. It might involve pinning bad bangs with bobby pins or hiding layers with a headband. You may even have to rely on hats and scarves for a while, but you can own whatever accessories you choose. Turn them into your signature style, and no one will ever realize that you loathe your new look.

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