The Ultimate Guide to Tangle Free Hair ...


Let’s just get it out there – you do not remove tangles by tugging a brush or comb harshly through your hair to pull the knot out. Your hair may be a tangled, knotty mess after a shower, a day at the beach or a swim in the gym’s pool but pulling and tugging it is not only painful but it can permanently damage the follicles. There are ways to prevent and fix tangles the right way. Let’s go through the process so you can have gorgeous knot-free hair.

1. Always Finish Washing Your Hair with a Cold Rinse

The first thing to remember when considering how to get tangle free hair is to always finish off your shower routine with a short cold rinse. By adding a quick flash of cold water just before you get out of the shower, you are sealing the cuticle, and this works to hold the hair in place and helps to prevent future knots as well as pesky frizz.

You Need to Treat Your Hair Gently when Drying It
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