This is How Curly Haired Girls Can Survive Summer☀️ ...


When the heat cranks up in summer, different types of hair react. Dry hair needs more moisture, greasy hair needs less moisture and curly hair can get an attack of the frizzies. Not fun! And very annoying. These tips will help you be less frustrated with your curly hair in summer.

1. Embrace the Natural Way of Your Hair

When thinking about how to deal with curly hair in the summer, your best bet, honestly, is to simply embrace what you have and not spend the hottest months worrying about trying to change your style. If your hair is naturally curly, the last thing you want to do is spend hours upon hours straightening it. Embrace the natural way that your hair tends to be, getting over the psychological need to change it might make all the difference.

Always Opt for Air Drying
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