7 Unnatural Hair Colors That Won't Look Too Crazy ...

You're always told to keep your hair a realistic color, so that you don't look "unprofessional" and ruin your chances of finding a job. However, as long as you look presentable, most places won't mind what your hair looks like. If you want to branch out by wearing a fresh color, but don't want everyone's head to turn when you walk by, you have a few options. Here are a few unnatural hair colors that won't look too crazy:

1. Grey

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Granny hair has become a huge trend for young women. It'll give you a new appreciation for your wardrobe, because it'll match any outfit perfectly. Plus, your hair is going to go grey eventually, so you can tell your boss that it technically is a natural hair color. Then they won't be able to complain about what you look like when you choose to rock this color.

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