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7 Video Recipes for DIY Heat Protectants to save Your Precious Hair ...

By Laura

I love my hair-when it cooperates-and for that to happen, I always make sure I always use heat protectant before blow drying or straightening. I don't know about you, but sometimes that stuff gets a little pricey, so I've complied this article where you'll find 7 DIY heat protectants made from things you'll find in your home, or at the very least, things you won't spend a fortune on at the store.

1 Whipped Shea Butter

It seems like a lot of ingredients, but, the all natural content of this homemade hair protectant will not only save your locks from future damage but also repair damage that's been done. Plus, once you have everything, you'll find it's super simple to make.

2 Aloe Vera Spray

This homemade aloe vera gel treatment doubles as a leave in conditioner as well as its use as a heat protectant. Plus.... The creator says it stores for about 3 months so you've got time to use it before it goes bad. All the reviews are great so it's worth a shot! At the very least it didn't cost you a ton of money to make it.

3 Olive Oil

With this one ingredient (olive oil in case you hadn't guessed) the creator shows you a step by step how-to on how she uses regular old olive oil to straighten her hair and protect her locks in the process.

4 Conditioning Spray

While this one isn't all natural, it seems genius! Conditioner to protect your hair?! Absolute genius. Watch as she makes this DIY protectant with things I'm almost positive we all have in our bathroom. Take a chance and see if you can make it yourself too. Super simple and definitely budget friendly since you won't need anything you don't already have.

5 Moisturizing Protectant Spray

This one locks in moisture using an oil of your choice and water. That's it! How easy is that?! Oil is great for moisture however be mindful that too much can cause your hair to be greasy looking meaning you'll probably have to wash it more if you use too much. I recommend not applying to the roots to help prevent some of that greasy appearance that may or may not come with using this product.

6 Coconut Oil

This young girl uses coconut oil and sea salt to create her own heat protectant spray. And let's get real, we all have coconut oil at home because we use it for so many other things! It's super moisturizing for your skin so it's no wonder it works on keeping your tresses safe from heat damage.

7 Glycerin Spray

Another twist on the aloe spray this one has added glycerin. If you didn't know already, glycerin will pull moisture into the hair. Be watchful if you're trying to go natural though, some glycerin is synthetic which is can be dangerous to hair as well as the environment. Read your ingredients and do your research if you're going this route.

I love being able to make things at home because then I know exactly what's going in my products. Would you try any of these recipes if it meant saving money and your hair?

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