7 Video Recipes 🥄 for DIY Heat 🔥 Protectants to save Your Precious Hair 🙏🏼 ...

I love my hair-when it cooperates-and for that to happen, I always make sure I always use heat protectant before blow drying or straightening. I don't know about you, but sometimes that stuff gets a little pricey, so I've complied this article where you'll find 7 DIY heat protectants made from things you'll find in your home, or at the very least, things you won't spend a fortune on at the store.

1. Whipped Shea Butter

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It seems like a lot of ingredients, but, the all natural content of this homemade hair protectant will not only save your locks from future damage but also repair damage that's been done. Plus, once you have everything, you'll find it's super simple to make.

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