7 Ways to Help Your Hair Grow, Fast ...


There are plenty of ways to help your hair grow fast for those times when you want it long and you want it now. Of course, you can always get extensions, but that option can be pricey and a bit of a headache if you are not prepared. These ways to help your hair grow fast are much less expensive than hair extensions. The average person's hair grows one centimeter to half an inch per month. Here are a few great ways to increase that hair growth up to a quarter of an inch in 30 days!

1. Prenatal Vitamins

Most of us are familiar with this wives' tale of ways to help your hair grow longer, but the surprising part is that it actually works! Unfortunately, the high amounts of iron in prenatal vitamins can lead to health risks for those not preggers. For this reason, we should keep prenatal vitamins and all their hair growth greatness to those who actually have a bun in their oven.

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