7 Ways to Maintain Your Hair Color at Home ...


If you just spent money getting your hair colored at a salon (or spent a lot of time doing it yourself), you’ll want to know ways to maintain your hair color at home to get the most out of your color. The sad truth is that color doesn’t last forever – it is destined to fade or pull colors we just don’t want. However, you can minimize the risk of your dye job looking sub par by following these ways to maintain your hair color at home.

1. Special Shampoos

One of the easiest ways to maintain your hair color at home is by using specially formulated shampoos. You can buy certain lines of shampoos that will prevent your hair color from fading and kinds that will revitalize your color. You can find a specialty shampoo designed for nearly every hair color. And if you are a blonde, using a purple shampoo can help fight brassy undertones. This method requires no extra work since you shampoo your hair frequently anyway!

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