7 Care 🙏 Tips for Type 2c Hair 💆 ...


I'm here to share care tips for type 2c hair. Do you have some serious waves in your hair?

Does it feel not curly enough to be called curly, but too curly to be wavy?

Then you have come to the right place for some tips on how to handle this type of hair.

I am a proud owner of type 2c hair.

This type of hair has more defined waves and loose curls all over the head.

You might find that your hair can be quite frizzy and resistant to styling.

This type of hair also loses curl definition very easily.

So, try one of these care tips for type 2c hair for some great results.

1. Diffusing

One of the best care tips for type 2c hair is to use a diffuser.

Blow-drying like normal should be your worst enemy, but you may find diffusing to be your new best friend.2

This method works well at defining waves and curls, while bringing bounce to your hair.

As a 2c haired girl, you may have the problem that comes with air drying where your hair is dragged down by all the water.2

But diffusing fixes that problem by removing most of the water so your hair can dry faster and there's more bounce to the waves and curls.

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