The Hottest Hairstyles for Prom in 2016 ...


Prom's coming up, ladies!

It's time to start thinking about what you want to do with your hair.

There are all sorts of options, from classic updos to the hottest trends of the moment.

What works for you?

To make a solid choice that's flattering, gorgeous, and makes you feel like a goddess, you might need a little hair inspo.

I've got it for you!

1. Braids Weaved in and Your Hair Half down

How gorgeous is this?

It's a fairy tale prom 'do!

2. Twisted and Curled

Here's a beautiful way to get an amazing hairstyle without putting in a whole lot of work.

This one's pretty easy to pull off!

3. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are stunning by themselves, but if you want to add a bit more elegance, wear your hair half up and add in your fishtail.2

4. Braided Updo

Simple, chic, and elegant – can't get better than that!

5. Half up, Knotted and Twisted

Wearing your hair half up is pretty big right now, but you can see why, right?

6. Waterfall Braid

There's nothing like a waterfall braid for a formal function.

You can't go wrong!

7. Braids, Braids, Braids

As you can see, braids are still a big trend, too.

No wonder.

They always look good.

They make it look like you've put a ton of effort into your hair, even when you haven't.

8. Beachy Curls and Braids

There's no reason you can't rock a more relaxed look at prom, you know.

9. Spiraled Updo

If you want to take your updo game to the next level, here's one way to do it.2

There is so much volume in that bun.

10. Fishtail Updo

Here's another way to rock a next level updo.

It looks messy, but still so intricate.

Love it!

A Chic Chignon
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