The Struggles of Long Hair – Can You Relate?


It's great having long hair because you can wear a different style every day.

But keeping it looking good takes investment.

And if you have long hair, you'll certainly recognize some of these struggles.

1. Bed Head

Bed Head

Waking up with bed hair is never fun, but when your hair is nearly down to your butt it can be completely untamable!

2. Big Knots

Big Knots

Having to spend 30 minutes every morning painfully brushing out all of the knots that occurred overnight!

3. Bye Clumps

Bye Clumps

That feeling of panic when for no reason you run your hands through your hair and end up with literally hundreds of strands coming out!2

4. Washing


The literal hour it takes to wash your locks that could be spent doing much more fun things.

5. Shampoo


Having to get back in the shower because you realize you haven’t got even half of the shampoo out of your hair.

6. Brushing


Having to permanently have a brush nearby to get rid of any tangles that occur on an hourly basis.

7. Blow Dry

Blow Dry

The permanent ear damage that you are sure you have because you have to blow dry your hair for at least 45 minutes.

8. Still Wet

Still Wet

The fact that no matter how long your dry it for, it never feels 100% done!2

9. Styling


No matter what style you go for, unless it’s a simple ponytail, it’s going to take forever to achieve.

10. Straightening


And let’s not even talk about straightening, that’s an hour of your life every time that you will never get back!

11. Curling


And curling?

Forget about it!

That’ll be at least a couple of hours!

12. Braiding


You hate the fact that you always give up and end up just putting your hair in to a classic braid to save time and hassle.

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