7 Tips for Coping with Seasonal Hair Shedding ...


Seasonal hair shedding is such a nightmare!

It doesnโ€™t get so serious for me every season or even every year but once it does, I swear to you ladies, I have a feeling Iโ€™ll either go bald or go crazy!

I wasted a lot of nerves until Iโ€™ve discovered how to cope with hair shedding and I must tell you, there are ways to make sure even the most serious of shedding doesnโ€™t bother you that much.

You donโ€™t have anything to risk but a few minutes of your time!

Take a look at this list of easy cures for hair shedding problems that have been driving you crazy, try them out and start enjoying every season:

1. Brush More Often

Once the seasonal hair shedding starts showing its ugly face, even us ladies with wavy to curly hair have to start working on our relationship with a brush or a comb!

I know, I know, it ruins the curls and makes your hair look like youโ€™ve been playing with high voltage, but itโ€™s the only way to get rid of the dead hairs stuck in the mass of healthy, live ones.

I usually comb mine twice- once in the morning and once before bed but you can do it more often if youโ€™d like.

Oh, and in case youโ€™re worried this will mess up your curls, hereโ€™s the trick โ€“ run wet fingers through your hair once youโ€™re done brushing (or spritz some water in case this happens to be a more convenient option for you) and give your curls about 15-30 minutes to air dry and regroup.2

Leave Your Hair Loose
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